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Clou Powder Stain - 10g

Clou Powder Stain - 10g

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For over eighty years CLOU has set the standard for an enormous variety of colours and faithful consistency from one production lot to the next--and for nearly twenty years CLOU colours have been the leading wood stains.

CLOU Powder stains are sold in dry powder form, ready to be mixed with hot water (And cooled off to 70 degrees) to create any quantity required. Prescribed concentrations vary from 50 grams of powder per liter of water for certain tones to as little as 20 grams per liter for lighter colours such as Light Oak. Average is around 30 grams per liter, which makes these some of the most economical wood stains on the market. Colours can be mixed to create custom colours. Shelf life of the dry powders is at least several years. CLOU Powder stain are colourfast unless subject to prolonged exposure to sunlight.


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