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Monocare 2K Oil - 1L

Monocare 2K Oil - 1L

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High-solids 2-component hard oil based on natural oils and waxes. The second component (isocyanate hardener) achieves rapid through-drying and optimizes the surface properties. The impregnating effect gives the wood a non-slip, dirt-repellent and naturally Matt surface.
  • Protects and colours reliably in one operation.
  • Free from aromatics, active substances and harmful substances
  • Outstanding waterproofing effect
  • Intensive emphasis on the wood structure
  • Forms very hard, elastic, non-slip and yet open-pored surfaces
  • Stain-resistant and resistant to household chemicals and alcohol
  • Optimal water spot resistance
  • Free from static charging
  • Indoors for wooden surfaces and wooden floors
  • Outdoor and wet areas such as kitchens, bath-rooms, terraces, taking into account protection against blue stain and freely draining water

Includes 100ml Monocare Hardener

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