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Woodoc 40 Brick and Stone Sealer - 5L

Woodoc 40 Brick and Stone Sealer - 5L

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A tough, low-gloss finish for porous brick and stone, protecting it against water ingress, weathering and pollution.

Typical Application
(Ensure all substrates are completely dry or cured before application)

  • Porous substrates such as:
  • Stone
  • Brick (not suitable for face-bricks)


  • Water-repellent
  • Weather-resistant
  • Provides a well cared-for, low-gloss finish
  • Easily maintained
  • Not suitable for walking surfaces
  • Non-toxic when dry
Note: Woodoc 40 is specifically formulated to seal porous brick and stone only, This is not a waterproofing product

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